All about Truth

 Chelle otherwise known across the internet as Pimpavellie was born in the middle of a summer’s night. She may not be an accomplished writer, but she dabbles her hand in it as much as possible. If you want to get to know her you can write her at the email address listed below, or hit her up on twitter via the “Contact Me” page. She has also listed her facebook page for fans to add her on as well.

She started writing the Rico & Shay series in 2010 to express some pondering thoughts that were in her head regarding a female that she was interested in at the time. The time passed quickly, as so did the female who’s interest was suddenly lost in the young writer. But that is neither here nor there. After completing 5 sections of the story, Chelle put down the writing for another year. Every so often someone would come along and spark interest in the story giving her potential hope for finishing it, but the urge to finish never stayed. A year later, the writing bug has been tapped again and this time in full force. She spends her evenings editing what has been written to allow for better writing, and the days jotting down notes and future potential scenes for the writers.

She hopes one day to see her story published if only just for a brief short story book. And is always looking for someone to push the envelope further.

She is a member of a BGLO, and while semi-active, she does devote some of her time in writing to it.

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